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Health in Greenville

As a complement to your regular Continuum Chiropractor Greenville SC sessions, you may want to check out these wonderful health and fitness services in Greenville.


The acupuncturist, Amber Addison, has studied this ancient Chinese art extensively, providing a modern approach to the traditional art. When acupuncture points stimulate the nervous system, chemicals and hormones in the body are released, relieving pain and alleviating symptoms. Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of health issues, including the common cold, drug addiction, dental pain, migraines, and sciatica. These problems and dozens of others are recognized by the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization as being treatable through acupuncture. If you are suffering from a health issue, chances are that acupuncture, along with Greenville chiropractic care at Continuum Chiropractic can help, so don't hesitate to call Amber at (864) 275-1008.


Chiropractic care and massage therapy tend to go hand in hand. Massage increases blood and lymph circulation and relaxes muscles. Many massage therapist are experienced in Swedish, deep tissue and sports massages. Sessions range from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Other massage types are reflexology, facial massages, stretch sessions, and prenatal and postnatal massage therapy. Visit your local therapist for a great massage experience in Greenville. Follow up with a visit to Continuum Chiropractic for an adjustment to help your body work at and feel its best.


Yoga is more than just exercise, it can be a powerful experience that unites mind, body and spirit. Like acupuncture, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, but these days yoga studios seem to be everywhere. From traditional yoga flows, to the gimmicky "yoga with beer" and "yoga with cats," yoga appeals to many-men and women, young and old. Downtown Yoga Greenville is one of Greenville's many wonderful studios, offering restorative classes for all levels in a comfortable atmosphere. The instructors are experienced and passionate, and you will leave feeling centered and refreshed. If you're new, the first class is free, so give Downtown Yoga Greenville a try.

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