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These two best rated Greenville chiropractors have heard dozens of really good questions. With the intensity of our schooling we find ourselves well positioned to provide the answers. It only seems natural that we tackle the Top 10 Questions chiropractors are asked. So let's get started.

Pain is only a small component of your nervous system. Some estimate that is only comprises about 10 percent of your nervous system. In addition to this small percentage, pain is typically the last of the three components of your nervous system to be affected and the first to resolve.

If our goal is to remove any interference to your nervous system then we would only be doing about 10 percent of our job if we stopped when the pain was gone. Of the remaining 90 percent, about half is devoted to what is called the autonomic nervous system which is responsible for controlling vital bodily functions outside of your conscious control.

We are able to assess the health of this system through our thermographic scan and our heart rate variability scan. The final forty five percent is dedicated to your motor nerves which, as you may have guessed, control your muscles. This system is engaged every time you make an effort, conscious or otherwise, to use any of your muscles whether you are playing a sport, eating, or even sitting up straight in a chair. Our static electromyography scan allows us the ability to measure the electrical activity of your muscles, specifically the ones alongside your spine. We are then able to put together the information we obtain from these scans, along with the rest of your exam, in order to have a more accurate picture of the health of your nervous system. These scans also allow us the opportunity to determine the effectiveness of your care when they are repeated at strategic intervals along your road to healing and recovery.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer picture as to why we don't simply rely on the presence or absence of pain to dictate the course of your care.

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