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chiropractor greenville sc secondary conditions treatment optionsYou may have heard the following riddle- "You wake up in the morning, your paint is peeling, your curtains are gone, and the water is boiling. Which problem do you deal with first?" The answer- "None of them.
The building is on fire." This riddle is an excellent metaphor for our approach to health care in our Greenville chiropractic office. Many symptoms that patients struggle with are actually "secondary conditions," meaning that they are wholly or partially caused by an underlying primary condition- neurostructural dysfunction.
Below is a list of some of the secondary conditions frequently associated with neurostructural dysfunction:
arrowBack pain
arrowNeck pain
arrowHeadaches and migraines
arrowNumbness and tingling
arrowCarpal tunnel syndrome
arrowMenstrual problems
arrowTMJ Disorders
arrowMuscle spasms/cramps
arrowDisc bulges or herniation
In addition to the previous list, the following secondary conditions are commonly seen in children:
arrowEar infections
arrowLearning disorders
arrowAutism spectrum disorders
To be clear, neurostructural dysfunction is not always the cause of these conditions. However, because the nervous system is so important to the body's overall health and because neurostructural dysfunction impairs the nervous system, these secondary conditions are very common results in individuals with neurostructural dysfunction.

Similar to the burning house, there are two ways to address these issues. First you could try to fix only the secondary conditions. The benefit of this approach is that you will often find quick and easy relief. The problem, however, is that while you may get temporary relief, if the primary condition is not corrected, the secondary conditions will continue to come back and often worsen over time. This office prefers the second approach.

We strive to correct the underlying primary condition from the beginning. This often takes more time, but the relief is much more complete and longer lasting. While we believe that our method is best, we understand that it is not for everyone. If you find that our office is not a good fit, then we would love to help you find another healthcare provider more suited to your preferences.
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