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chiropractor greenville sc - NeurostructuralMany chiropractic offices focus on three primary goals.:

1. Reduction of pain
2. Decreased muscular spasm
3. Increased range of motion

These are good goals, and there are excellent chiropractors in the area that have provided relief to many patients while focusing on these objectives. However, the downside to this type of care is that relief is often only temporary because there is a more important underlying problem that is not being addressed. In our office we practice neurostructural chiropractic, which addresses the root issue in order to improve health and provide long-term relief to patients.
normal spinal structureThere are many common indicators that your body is functioning normally and appropriately. Your temperature should be 98.6°, your blood pressure should be 120/80 mmhg, and your weight should range appropriately based on your height.
Just like these measurements, there is an ideal normal structure to your spine. And just like an increased temperature, blood pressure, and weight can cause severe problems to your body, so can an abnormal spinal structure.

A specific change in the structure of your spine, which negatively alters part of the nervous system is called neurostructural dysfunction. Correcting neurostructural dysfunction is the primary goal of this office because if left untreated neurostructural dysfunction can contribute to a wide variety of secondary conditions, which are discussed later on.
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