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At what age is it OK to bring in my child?

We don't have to tell you that the birth process is no walk in the park. Even a natural and uncomplicated birth is a lot of work. Not only is this process challenging for you but it is also taxing for your newborn who has to transition from their nice, comfortable environment to then squeeze and move through a small space and into a big, new world. We may not like to think of it this way, but the birth process is actually a somewhat traumatic process for your newborn, and, for most babies, is actually the cause of their first subluxation.

You may now find yourself with a follow-up question "But is chiropractic care safe for my newborn? They are just so small and delicate." Again, the answer is a resounding yes! Both of our doctors have received significant post-doc training in pediatrics from the ICPA in orderly to properly care for the new love of your life. In fact, the three words that the ICPA likes to use for chiropractic care with infants are "safe, gentle, and effective".

You are hopefully familiar with how we care for adults and older children, but the process we use for newborns and infants in completely different. There are certain key areas in the spine that we often give specific focus to in newborns, and the amount of pressure we use to correct subluxations in infants is about how much pressure it would take to hold a coin in place on your arm against gravity. The amount of force is less critical when we know exactly where and exactly when to adjust your child.

Hopefully we have alleviated any potential concerns you may have and have enlightened you to the importance of getting your newborn checked as soon after birth as possible.

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