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My baby is breech. Do you do that Webster's Technique that I have heard about?

We sure do. In fact, both of our doctors are certified in the Webster's technique, however, we may need to set a few things straight. During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin is responsible for loosening ligaments throughout the body in order to prepare the body for birth. This laxity, accompanied by weight and center of gravity changes as the fetus grows and develops, can also have negative effects on the sacrum and pelvis. Because they are able to move more easily, they are often able to become subluxated, or out of their proper position, more easily.

As you have already learned from our previous answers to common questions, the only way to detect and correct these subluxations is by visiting a chiropractor in Greenville which is why we recommend that all, yes ALL, pregnant women receive regular care during the course of their pregnancy. Having a breech baby is by no means a prerequisite for care (remember, ALL pregnant women), but the breech position may possibly be related to an abnormal position of the sacrum, pelvis, and/or supporting ligaments and muscles.

Back to the original question, the Webster's technique was designed to detect sacral subluxations and provide a gentle correction. The founder of the technique (you guessed it, Dr. Webster) and many other chiropractors have noticed that breech positions often correct themselves following the proper application of the Webster's technique. It is hypothesized that by properly aligning the sacrum and pelvis and removing any adverse tension in the supporting ligaments the fetus will have more room to move and may then become properly positioned. Sounds suspiciously similar to "remove the interference and allow the body to work as it was designed to work".

Restoring proper nerve supply to the uterus may also result in a less difficult and shorter labor and body-wide effects may be reduced nausea, reduced back pain, and reduced sciatic nerve type symptoms just to name some of the more common complaints during pregnancy.

A Webster's certified doctor, like our doctors, is specifically trained to care for you during the course of your pregnancy and to take care of you and your baby after birth (but more on that later..). We would love for you to look to us for your prenatal chiropractic needs.

Are you pregnant? There is no cost for our complimentary consultation. Simply contact our office at (864) 640-4096 or fill out our contact form.

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