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Our website briefly discusses the exam process in our Greenville, SC chiropractic office. On that page we mention several test we do in order to fully assess the health of your nervous system. Over the next week or two we will provide a more in-depth analysis of a few of these test so that you will have a better understanding of what sets us apart from most other chiropractic offices.

The first test we will discuss is the paraspinal thermal scan. We have an instrument that uses infrared technology to accurately measure your skin temperature on both sides of your spine-from your low back to the top of your neck. A question we often receive is "Why do you need to know the temperature of my skin." As you may have guessed from the introduction of the post, regulation of skin temperature is controlled by the nervous system, specifically the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for everything your body does without your conscious effort. In addition to controlling your body's temperature, your breathing, heart rate, digestion, and many other functions are controlled by your autonomic nervous system.

Because your body is symmetrical (the right and left sides are the same), skin temperature at the same location on either side of the spine should be nearly identical. When a the temperature of a spot on the left side is significantly different than the same spot on the right side, this indicates there is a problem with your autonomic nervous system. Our scan measures the temperature at both sides of every vertebral level (50 different points) to get a picture of the autonomic nervous system health from top to bottom. We routinely do this examine to continually monitor your nervous system and show its improvement over time.

The following image shows what a scan of a stressed nervous system could look like. The colored lines indicate problematic temperature differences (green = mild, blue = moderate, red = severe)


More information about this test and the reasoning behind it can be found here:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at (864) 640-4096 or fill out our contact form.

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