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Chiropractic Greenville SC - ExaminationAs one of the top rated chiropractic offices in Greenville, we do not perform an examination until we have a complimentary, no-pressure consultation. After the consultation, if you feel comfortable that we are the right fit for your situation and we determine you are a candidate for our office, you will have the opportunity to continue your visit with a complete neurostructural chiropractic examination or to schedule one for a time that suits you. This is a thorough, time-intensive examination (allow for about an hour) completed entirely by one of our two doctors.

The comprehensive neurostructural exam includes:

arrowDigital structural analysis
arrowA bilateral segmental infrared thermal scan
arrowSurface electromyography (sEMG)
arrowA pulse rate variability test
arrowSpecific Neurological tests based on your individual presentation
arrowIf warranted, a full set of digital neurostructural radiographs (x-rays)
babyNeurostructural chiropractic is beneficial for all age groups, from newborns to the elderly. In addition to our unique neurostructural adult examination, both our doctors are extensively trained in examinations specific to infants, toddlers, adolescents, and pregnant women. And every part of all of our examinations is gentle, non-invasive, and safe.

Following the examination, the doctor will fully analyze the results and present them to you at your next appointment. Should you choose to initiate care, parts of the exam will be repeated at specific intervals in order to monitor your progress.
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