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Chiropractors in Greenville SC - Neurostructural DysfunctionNeurostructural dysfunction consists of two parts- a problem with the position of the head, neck, back and/or pelvis (structural) in addition to a problem with the nervous system (neuro). While no one is structurally perfect, as one of the top chiropractic offices in South Carolina, we teach that there is an established normal range of healthy structure, which is often referred to as 'good posture.'

Your spine is a set of bones from your head to the bottom of your back that work together to protect your spinal cord. The spinal cord sends out nerves to your entire body. When parts of your spine shift far enough outside of a normal range, it disrupts the nerves from the spinal cord causing them to function below their optimal capacity. This condition is called neurostructural dysfunction.
human diagramThe nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) controls your entire body. It is responsible for making sure your organs are working properly, controlling your muscles so that you can move, and relaying sensation so that you can feel touch, pain, hot/cold, and everything else. Because it is responsible for so much, it is very important that the nervous system functions correctly. When a change in the body's structure, such an overly rounded back or your head leaning too far forward, negatively affects the nervous system (aka neurostructural dysfunction) the outcome is a variety of harmful secondary conditions that will persist as long as the underlying neurostructural dysfunction is not corrected.

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