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Chiropractor Greenville SC - About Our Office Neurostructural Chiropractic
Our office specializes in neurostructural chiropractic, which addresses the root issue in order to improve health and provide long-term relief to patients.
Neurostructural DysfunctionWhat is Neurostructural Dysfunction?
Neurostructural dysfunction consists of two parts- a problem with the position of the head, neck, back and/or pelvis (structural) in addition to a problem with the nervous system (neuro).
burning house Secondary Conditions Treatment Options
We strive to correct the underlying primary condition from the beginning. This often takes more time, but the relief is much more complete and longer lasting.
chiropractic procedure How Can Continuum Chiropractic Help?
Our doctors are trained in a variety of specific adjustments to correct any underlying neurostructural dysfunction.
spine examination Things to Know for Your Examination
Neurostructural chiropractic is beneficial for all age groups, from newborns to the elderly. Come in for a complimentary, no-pressure consultation to get on the road to better health.
chiropractor greenville sc - chiropractic information Best of Life Series
Dr. Hayes had the opportunity to connect with Jamarcus Gaston at Studio62.
top 10My pain is gone. Why is it that you want me to keep coming back?
Pain is only a small component of your nervous system. Some estimate that is only comprises about 10 percent of your nervous system. In addition to this small percentage, pain is typically the last of the three components of your nervous system to be affected and the first to resolve.
top 10 Does a chiropractor treat my condition?
Yes..and no. People are often surprised to find how chiropractic has been able to help them, or someone they know, with any condition outside of neck pain, back pain, or headaches.
top 10 Baby Breech - Webster Technique
Both of our doctors are certified in the Webster's technique. Webster's technique was designed to detect sacral subluxations and provide a gentle correction.
top 10Is Chiropractic Safe for My Newborn?
Yes! You should bring your child in as soon as possible, and yes, we are serious. We don't have to tell you that the birth process is no walk in the park.
top 10 Do You Always Have to Go to a Chiropractor Once You Start?
You don't HAVE to keep coming for the rest of your life. We do offer protection (wellness chiropractic) plans to everyone who has completed their corrective care.
Subluxation What Is a Subluxation?
Simply put, a subluxation is a biomechanical problem that negatively impacts the nervous system.
children playing Why Your Child Needs Chiropractic: part 1
We had a lot of interest in our Q&A on pediatric chiropractic care, and it generated several more common questions that we wanted to answer with another post.
child Why Your Child Needs Chiropractic: part 2
We had a lot of interest in our Q&A on pediatric chiropractic care, and it generated several more common questions that we wanted to answer with another post.
gut care 100 Trillion Reasons to Take Care of Your Gut
The enteric nervous system, or "second brain" as it is often called, is found within the lining of your digestive system and contains about 500 million nerve cells (close to the same number found in your spinal cord).
Thermography diagram Thermography - Exam part 1
The paraspinal thermal scan uses infrared technology to accurately measure your skin temperature on both sides of your spine-from your low back to the top of your neck.
sMEG diagram sEMG - Exam part 2
At Continuum Chiropractic we test the muscles in your back using surface electromyography (sEMG). The technology is the same that cardiologists use when testing your heart with an EKG/ECG.
Pulse Wave Profile Pulse Wave Profile - Exam Part 3
The pulse wave profiler primarily checks your autonomic health by measuring heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is the regularity of the amount of time betwe
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