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Chiropractor Greenville SC - About Our Office Neurostructural vs Traditional Chiropractic
Our office specializes in neurostructural chiropractic, which addresses the root issue in order to improve health and provide long-term relief to patients.
What is Neurostructural Dysfunction?
Neurostructural dysfunction consists of two parts- a problem with the position of the head, neck, back and/or pelvis (structural) in addition to a problem with the nervous system (neuro).
Secondary Conditions Treatment Options
We strive to correct the underlying primary condition from the beginning. This often takes more time, but the relief is much more complete and longer lasting.
How Can Continuum Chiropractic Help?
Our doctors are trained in a variety of specific adjustments to correct any underlying neurostructural dysfunction.
Things to Know for Your Examination
Neurostructural chiropractic is beneficial for all age groups, from newborns to the elderly. Come in for a complimentary, no-pressure consultation to get on the road to better health.
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